Trading stocks can be very difficult and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools for the job. These days movies like The Wolf of Wall Street tend to set an impression upon people that they can become rich over night trading in the stock market. What most people tend to avoid noticing is the fact that the characters in such movies are in control of sums of money that go into the millions of dollars in order to make such big profits and the amounts at stake are equally big as the earning.


So, what happens to the people that don’t have such funds at their disposal? The OTC market offers quite a lot of volatile stocks that sell for pennies and sometimes even big traders go there to make a play with more significant amounts of money. Unexperienced investors, however, need a better understanding of what exactly they are supposed to do to avoid losing their savings.


Here comes a nifty piece of software called Hotstocked Precision, which can be beneficial for both the experienced trader and the people new to the stock market. It has quite a lot of features, but the interface is very intuitive and it appears like anyone can get used to it with a little bit of practice. The best thing about it is the algorithm that includes a back testing engine that contains data which spans 15 years, which makes it a unique piece of software as other trading tools do not provide such options


To help you understand how to utilize this, the people behind Hotstocked Precision have made some very informative video tutorials on trading with their software that can also give a lof of good insight on the ways to trade stocks, with an emphasis on the most volatile – the pink sheets. There is an especially useful video explaining how to trade penny stocks and giving light on things that a newly fletched investor might find difficult to understand like market cap, equity financing, book value and technical breakout.


After having a look at it myself I decided to ask some of my fellow traders if they had used this particular piece of software about their own impressions and to be honest I wasn’t surpirised by their answers.


Here is what my friend, Sean had to say about the software: “I have to say I’m absolutely floored by what I’m seeing with this software. I sold shares of a stock to finance a run at these penny stocks, and I’ve been waiting for the funds to settle. In the meantime, I’ve done two days’ worth of dry runs. Yesterday my top pick rose 54% in the first few minutes of trading. I think I understood the parameters a bit better going into today’s trades, and my top pick gained 114% immediately. The others went up by 40.85% and 16.88%. It became incredibly clear that when stocks meet all five tests, they’ll see big gains.”


While Sean explained in detail, Blake was more straight to the point: “This is the best program ever. Making alot of money just following the hotstocked portfolio”


One user even went on to make a short 1 minute video about his experience with the Hotstocked Precision software which was uploaded on YouTube last month.


There was also a person with an iHub nickname John_Langston who posted this in 2012: I have a software program that so far has not been wrong and it lead me to this stock. I only bought 9000 shares. I have done very little DD at this point. What is good about KITD?

Several comments later he gives out the name of the software he is using for analysing the market: Thanks the software is called Hotstocked Precision. It cost $118 a month and it is well worth it.”


In conclusion: Hotstocked Precision seems a very useful tool with which you will be able to have fast and easy access to a company’s statistics, financials, custom reports, wall street analyst reports and pretty much everything you might need when making your pick. This will help you gather the information required for your decision much easier and faster, which will put you one step ahead of other traders.

Portgage Resources offers a lot of news to investors these days. The corporation (PINK:POTG) seems to know no stopping. It continues with its property acquisitions, mostly through its Peruvian subsidiary Portage Minerals S.A.

Yesterday, the company announced signing a letter of intent to purchase the Linderos#5 deposit located close to the border with Ecuador. Only two days before this, on Tuesday, Portage informed to have entered into a definitive agreement with Nilam Resources S.A. for the acquisition of the Linderos#4 property.

Just another week before that, the corporation announced its new fully owned Peruvian subsidiary, Portage Resources SA. Additionally, on June 27, the company signed another contract with the purpose to acquire the Wukakuy Property in southeastern Peru.

Not surprisingly, all these developments led to a great stir in the stock too. On Wednesday, POTG noted a 52-week high of $1.24 on a tremendous volume of almost 50.5M shares which is also a record for the company. Since then however, the stock has cooled off – yesterday, it closed at $0.68. This is still much, much higher than its level in mid-June, when POTG was traded at $0.29.

The future performance of the shares arises great interest. At the start of today’s session, the stock was up again, climbing to $0.74. We shall also see whether Portage will come up with other major acquisition news.

What is maybe of greater significance, is whether the new properties are worth their while. Having many possessions does not always guarantee you success. Only the future will show if the new deposits really contain the resources that Portage claims they possess.

You On Demand Holdings, Inc. makes things in the right way. Today, the company offering, as they say, “the first national Pay-Per-View and Video On Demand platform in China”, climbed another big, important step towards the implementation of its goals. The near future will show whether this will boost the stock (OTC:CBBD) of the corporation too.

A few hours ago, as published by Yahoo, Warner Bros. Entertainment informed about signing a distribution agreement with You On Demand Media, the company’s joint venture in China. This will allow millions of Chinese people to watch high quality Hollywood films – they will be offered through the You On Demand platform.

Mr McMahon, the Chairman and CEO of the corporation, defined the deal as “a historic milestone” for You On Demand. Rightly so! Besides, this is not the only positive event announced this month. About a week ago, the company closed a private placement, raising almost $11M. Will these developments cause a jump of the stock too?

Still not clear; we shall have to wait a little to see how the shares will perform on the American OTC market. Yesterday, CBBD finished at $0.11, staying close to its 52-week high of $0.13. The stock has been going right over the last several months. Back in April, it was traded in the range between $0.04 and $0.06. Since then, the advance in the price has been remarkable.

However, the latest financial statements filed on SEC reveal not a very lovely picture. You On Demand reported a significant operational loss of $8.92M for the last year. The losses continued in 2011. For the first three months of 2011, the negative income was $2.23M.

Nevertheless, the prospects for You On Demand on the Chinese market look good, especially after the mentioned deal with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

You will not be bored if you set your eyes and your mind on Altitude Organic Corp. The recent performance of the stock (PINK:ERBB) is, maybe, not that much thrilling. Unlike it, the flood of information released by the corporation and the battle that it is fighting across the USA, may just leave you excited.

Altitude a publicly-traded medical marijuana company which provides independently owned retail dispensaries in Colorado, California, as well as Arizona business support services. As their website states, the corporation acts as “a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry of legal cannabis.”

So, good-bye to boredom! This cannabis issue sounds contemporary and even pressing to many people. And the company developments come one after another, giving the readers almost no time to take their breath. As you are, most probably, well acquainted with the announcements of Altitude, there is not much sense in retelling them again in this article.

It is still of great significance to remind several major events. One of these is the fact that the corporation started its attack on the Arizona market in April. It was then when the company informed to have signed up three potential dispensary owners in Arizona who wished to open their own Altitude Organic Medicine dispensaries.

Perhaps, the launch of a free mobile application for Android and iPhone users might be defined as a huge achievement for the corporation too.

Altitude is watching closely the battle on the national level too. It provided to investors detailed information and plenty of comments regarding the Federal Legislation directed toward legalizing cannabis. This was hardly done by accident. a Not a long time ago, organizations, like the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) introduced several pro-marijuana bills in the House of Representatives.

The corporation was, perhaps, somewhat disappointed when Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, insisted for a delay in the implementation of the Arizona medical marijuana program. It was probably one of the reasons for which Altitude purchased 50% of Sundance Hydroponics, a national retailer of horticulture equipment. The company’s CEO, Mr Cook, defines Hydroponics as “the most dependable equipment provider in the Colorado medical marijuana industry.”

The latest financial statements of the corporation reveal not a very bright picture. Altitude reported a net loss of $0.58M for the first three months of the year. Besides, the current assets of $20,271 are no match for the current liabilities that reach almost $3M.

Nevertheless, you must not distract your attention from Altitude Organic Corp. in the months to come. The battle continues!

After noting its recent high of $2.40 on the OTCQB market, in the last several days the stock of Legend Oil and Gas, Ltd obviously decided to take a breath. Perhaps the shares (OTC:LOGL) are accumulating strength and are getting ready for a new eruption? This is just an assumption, as it is hard to predict the exact future behavior of LOGL.

For now, we might say for sure, judging by the well-known data from the stock markets, that the shares began cruising around the $2.00 level. They are doing so on below the average trading volumes. On Friday, LOGL ended at $2.05, moving slightly down from the previous close. The decline of 0.97% was accompanied by a turnover of almost 111K.

At present, the stock seems not ready to break new price records, in spite of the positively looking report on the company, conducted by Global Equity Reporter several days ago. In the past year, Legend began expanding by acquiring deposits of strategic importance.

In October, 2010, the company purchased eight oil and gas leases owned by Piqua Petro, Inc. and located in Kansas. The leases contain 1,040 acres of oil producing land and result in a 87.5% net revenue interest to Legend. In addition, this March Legend acquired, through a series of transactions, more than 3,800 acres of undeveloped mineral leases in Divide County in North Dakota.

Still, there is what to be desired, in respect to the company’s financial condition. The latest 10-Q statements show that Legend recorded revenues of $0.46M for the first quarter of 2011. At the same time, Legend reported a net loss of $0.11M during the mentioned period. Besides, the company’s working capital was less than $17K in the end of March.

Probably, these figures, that do not sound so appealing, might undermine the further progress of the shares. For the time being, however, the stock of Legend Oil and Gas stays high and strong on the market.