Avitar, Inc. (PINK:AVTI) Not More Than a Nice Looking Chart
22 Jul 2010

Yesterday, Avitar, Inc. (PINK:AVTI) according to the situation requirements still-to-be-determined business model must have looked like a highly lucrative investment opportunity to some pink sheets investors. Pennyland’s investor online community got shaken again by AVTI’s next 50% jump.

On nearly 108 million shares traded, the stock continues its suspicious climbing up by providing another support level for the newcomers on the market, to get attracted by the promotional efforts of “Wise Alerts” and several other stock promoters. It is almost not worth mentioning that the $0.0021 close from yesterday was not only the previous 52-week’s high, but also the high of the last two years. The clear skies AVTI is facing will have no starts though.

Avitar look like the perfect candidate for some underground promoting. The only information about the company to be found is a press release from the end of this month. It said that the company will now (we have no idea what it did over the past two years) enter the fashion business through a joint venture with Johnnie’s Famous Shoes, Inc. and will even finance, produce and distribute its summer run of “high end, luxury, Men’s footwear”. Nobody knows who Johnnie’s Famous Shoes is, but the PR obviously worked.

Yesterday, a participant in the investor forums, who appears to have a strange relationship with Avitar’s CEO, provided its colleagues with some precious information, of course directly from the source. According to the CEO himself, “ they already got distributors lined up”. It is not known for what kind of distributors the talk is about, but further the CEO confirms that the “ O/S will not increase from 607M”.

As 44% of yesterday’s volume was shorted and the total volume approaches slowly the 134 millions shares outstanding, it is not a wonder that another strong appeal from today is: “HOLD ‘EM TIGHT AND DON’T LET GO”, so that Avitar’s chart looks even nicer.

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