Deltron, Inc. (OTC:DTRO) Cannot Keep the Higher Trading Range
13 Jan 2011

It looks like last week an investor online message board attempted to praise Deltron, Inc. (OTC:DTRO) stock to the skies, reminding about the “successful” new subsidiary of the company. Although no real news came out, the share price surged up, before starting to fall back down yesterday.

After being quickly upgraded to a higher trading range last week, yesterday DTRO shares closed the market with a 19.35% decline at $0.0025. The trading volume of 48.45 million shares was times the average and this time the sellers prevailed in taking their profits. Although the company has not issued any official news since the end of November last year and even filed with the SEC a notification of its inability to timely submit its latest financial report, traders were all ears for the talks on

Some posts appeared last Friday, reminding about Deltron subsidiary Elasco, Inc. and its “robust financial performance” and growing revenues. A post even claims that Elasco has a supply and patent agreement for a new product with a leading technology company having sales exceeding $20 billion.

Up to May last year, Deltron has been a company with no operations. Then, it actually acquired a company named Blu Vu Deep Oil & Gas Exploration, Inc., which in turn owns 100% of the outstanding stock of Elasco, Inc. DTRO most recent financial results are thus those of Elasco, but unfortunately they do not look like the track of a successful business. The company had minor revenues, recurring losses, large debts and barely any cash.

So far Elasco has been engaged in the manufacturing and selling of skateboards, roller skates and industrial wheels, but Deltron big plan for the future is the development of a proprietary rebreather technology, or respectively as the latest PR of the company says, “underwater life support systems that recirculate breathing gases to enable deeper, longer and more productive dives”.

It is very questionable if or when that plans will come true, one thing is clear though. DTRO share price persistent and rapid decline since the stock started trading on the OTC market got lastly interrupted in the middle of November. Then, $25,000 were pad by some third party shareholders for a stock promotional campaign.

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