Hotstocked Precision Review
13 May 2014

Trading stocks can be very difficult and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools for the job. These days movies like The Wolf of Wall Street tend to set an impression upon people that they can become rich over night trading in the stock market. What most people tend to avoid noticing is the fact that the characters in such movies are in control of sums of money that go into the millions of dollars in order to make such big profits and the amounts at stake are equally big as the earning.


So, what happens to the people that don’t have such funds at their disposal? The OTC market offers quite a lot of volatile stocks that sell for pennies and sometimes even big traders go there to make a play with more significant amounts of money. Unexperienced investors, however, need a better understanding of what exactly they are supposed to do to avoid losing their savings.


Here comes a nifty piece of software called Hotstocked Precision, which can be beneficial for both the experienced trader and the people new to the stock market. It has quite a lot of features, but the interface is very intuitive and it appears like anyone can get used to it with a little bit of practice. The best thing about it is the algorithm that includes a back testing engine that contains data which spans 15 years, which makes it a unique piece of software as other trading tools do not provide such options


To help you understand how to utilize this, the people behind Hotstocked Precision have made some very informative video tutorials on trading with their software that can also give a lof of good insight on the ways to trade stocks, with an emphasis on the most volatile – the pink sheets. There is an especially useful video explaining how to trade penny stocks and giving light on things that a newly fletched investor might find difficult to understand like market cap, equity financing, book value and technical breakout.


After having a look at it myself I decided to ask some of my fellow traders if they had used this particular piece of software about their own impressions and to be honest I wasn’t surpirised by their answers.


Here is what my friend, Sean had to say about the software: “I have to say I’m absolutely floored by what I’m seeing with this software. I sold shares of a stock to finance a run at these penny stocks, and I’ve been waiting for the funds to settle. In the meantime, I’ve done two days’ worth of dry runs. Yesterday my top pick rose 54% in the first few minutes of trading. I think I understood the parameters a bit better going into today’s trades, and my top pick gained 114% immediately. The others went up by 40.85% and 16.88%. It became incredibly clear that when stocks meet all five tests, they’ll see big gains.”


While Sean explained in detail, Blake was more straight to the point: “This is the best program ever. Making alot of money just following the hotstocked portfolio”


One user even went on to make a short 1 minute video about his experience with the Hotstocked Precision software which was uploaded on YouTube last month.


There was also a person with an iHub nickname John_Langston who posted this in 2012: I have a software program that so far has not been wrong and it lead me to this stock. I only bought 9000 shares. I have done very little DD at this point. What is good about KITD?

Several comments later he gives out the name of the software he is using for analysing the market: Thanks the software is called Hotstocked Precision. It cost $118 a month and it is well worth it.”


In conclusion: Hotstocked Precision seems a very useful tool with which you will be able to have fast and easy access to a company’s statistics, financials, custom reports, wall street analyst reports and pretty much everything you might need when making your pick. This will help you gather the information required for your decision much easier and faster, which will put you one step ahead of other traders.

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